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    Expert Editing and Proofreading

    Our team of experts is well-equipped with the pro skills of editing and proofreading. We keenly check your assignments from different aspects to find out the minor errors that can damage your grades and correct them to assure you a hassle-free success.

    On-Time Deliveries

    We do not take much time for your assignment editing and proofreading. Our professionals can deliver your order even within 24 hours. We don’t want you to miss the deadlines at any cost, so we assure you of on-time submissions of the assignments.

    All-Time Availability

    We are all-time available here for your assistance. You can contact us anytime to share your concerns and get the best solutions to them from our experts. We offer you 24/7 customer support so you can consult with our professionals at a time that suits you better.

    Strict Privacy Policy

    We care for our customers’ privacy therefore we make sure that their data is completely safe on our end. We have a strict privacy policy and we don’t share your info with others. Further, our trusted team helps us to maintain confidentiality. You are safe here!

    100% Originality

    We know how dangerous it could be if there is plagiarism in your assignments. So, we make sure that your assignments are 100% plagiarism-free. Our skilled editors and proofreaders revamp the plagiarized content and add originality to your assignments.

    High-Quality Services

    We never compromise on the quality of our services. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority so we put the best of our efforts to meet their expectations. Perfection is what we strive for. The finest quality of our work is our identity and pride.

    Check Out Our Top-Class Services

    Our Experts Serve You in the Following Domains

    Dissertation Consultancy

    We know all your dissertation-related concerns and difficulties. We offer you expert consultancy for your dissertation to get you out of this trouble. Our experts provide you with the best solutions regarding your dissertation to end your worries and release your stress.

    Assignment Editing and Proofreading

    Our skilled and professional editing and proofreading experts check your assignments under the keen lenses of perfection to make sure that there are no minor or major errors in the content. Further, they modify the content to make your assignments worthy of an A+.

    Research Paper Assistance

    We are here to provide you with complete assistance with your research paper. Our professional and well-experienced researchers help you carry out the most authentic research and make sure that the research paper holds the most accurate and worthwhile data.

    Thesis Review and Editing

    Thesis review and editing are also one of our expertise. You can hire our thesis experts to ace your thesis and add perfection to it. We are well aware of checking criteria for all levels of education. So, we work accordingly and provide you with the best outcome that matches the UK standards.

    Help with Essay Proofreading

    There can be several mistakes in your essays that can ruin your effort and affect your grades. So you can hire our proofreading services to remove all such inaccuracies. Our skilled proofreaders seal all the loopholes and enhance the effectiveness of your essays.

    Resume Building and Editing

    No matter, if you are a fresher or an experienced candidate in the domain for which you want to build your profile, our Resume experts cater to your concerns using the best efforts. We are here to create, edit and proofread your Resume to help you grow in your professional career.

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      What Do You Know About British Top Consultants?

      Take a Glance at Our Aims and Objectives

      British Top Consultants is serving in the field of academics for years. It chases ‘excellence’ to contribute to the individuals’ educational as well as professional development. This internationally recognized academic assistance platform holds the worthwhile aims and objectives that are reflected through the genuine views of its founders and its dedicated faculty members as shared below.

      “We as a team aim to use our expertise and experience in saving the careers of the individuals. In this age of competition, we make sure that none of the individuals having the potential to grow is left behind due to any shortcomings. We strive to effectively resolve their concerns so that they can efficiently cope with their academic and professional challenges.

      We add perfection to the manuscripts by putting the best of our efforts to help our customers touch the hassle-free success”.

      Meet Our Trusted Team Members

      We are Proud to Introduce You to Our Assignment Experts

      We have 500+ professionals on the board who adds to the reliability of the British Top Consultants. They use their exceptional skills and expertise to serve our clients and get their satisfaction.

      client feedback

      Henna Dickson

      Dr. Henna is one of the emerging assignment editors of our faculty. With her exceptional skills and expertise, she helps us leave our golden footprints in the journey of academic success of our customers. She possesses a strong command of the keen aspects of assignment editing which she uses to modify the assignments.
      client feedback

      Brady George

      With a leading profile in the field of academics, Dr. George is serving our customers for years. The assignment projects which he accomplishes, add 100% clients’ satisfaction to our portfolio. He is an expert in the domain who works passionately and never compromises on the quality of the outcomes.

      In What Subjects Do We Assist You?

      You can get our assignment services in the following domains.

      In the field of accounting, we provide exceptional assignment editing and proofreading services. Our accounting professionals assist you in selecting the most appropriate topic for your assignments and revise the material to be included in your paper, ensuring the data’s originality and validity. We cover the following accounting areas:

      • Financial accounting
      • Cost Accounting
      • Auditing
      • Managerial Accounting
      • Accounting Information Systems
      • Text Accounting
      • Forensic Accounting
      • Fiduciary Accounting

      This is one of the most difficult topics to grasp without the help of a professional. Our well-experienced philosophy experts with their dense knowledge of the subject can assist you in achieving your goals. They are well-versed in the principles of writing as well as the demands of various genres. With their extraordinary grip over the philosophical techniques, they can assist you with your drafts in any of the four fields of philosophy. i.e.

      • Metaphysics
      • Epistemology
      • Axiology
      • Logic

      Our professionals in the field of law are well-equipped with the necessary qualifications and knowledge. In the sphere of law, we offer you the most credible editing and proofreading services. Our subject experts conduct extensive research to verify facts and statistics and authenticate your conclusions. We can assist you in the following areas:

      • Business law
      • Constitutional law
      • Criminal Law
      • Environmental Law
      • First Amendment Law
      • Health care law
      • Intellectual Property Law
      • Patent Law

      Psychology is a broad discipline, and our professionals are experts in this sector.  They possess great knowledge in the various scientific metrics utilized in the domain of psychology and edit your draughts from multiple viewpoints. They have the most innovative ideas for your psychology-related assignments. Our services involve the following areas of psychology.

      • Brain science and cognitive psychology
      • Climate and environmental psychology
      • Clinical psychology
      • Developmental psychology
      • Experimental psychology
      • Forensic and public service psychology
      • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
      • Psychology of Teaching and Learning

      It’s a technical subject that involves the intense scrutiny of words and language. Expert assistance is required for any type of writing draughts on the subject. Our expert team can help you improve the content of your linguistic papers and make them first-rate in every way. We have linguists on staff that can help you with your assignments. The following aspects of linguistics are included in our expertise.

      • Phonetics
      • Phonology
      • Morphology
      • Syntax
      • Semantics
      • Pragmatics

      To edit and proofread your marketing-related writing, our team of specialists draws on their understanding of marketing principles, theories, and strategies. They can extract the best information for your marketing assignments using their knowledge of quantitative and qualitative market research. We go over the following aspects of marketing.

      • Market research
      • Brand management
      • Advertisement
      • Promotions
      • Public Relations


      10 years back, the founders of British Top Consultants studied and observed a need for such a platform that can help individuals resolve their academic writing difficulties. Thus, this website was initiated to serve the people on the academic grounds and get them to achieve their career goals. The initiators want to provide the individuals an opportunity to share and discuss their concerns with the professionals. In this way, British Top Consultants came into existence and since then, it is fulfilling the needs of the people who require assistance or consultancy in the accomplishment of their writing projects.

      To satisfy our customers’ concerns, we offer premium quality work keeping the authenticity and reliability above all. For this purpose:

      • We maintain the originality of our work.
      • We provide as many revisions as the client requires in case of any further concerns.
      • We ensure the confidentiality of all the data and information shared by the client.
      • We fulfill the additional needs of the customers such as free title, cover, and bibliography pages.
      • We deliver the work on time.
      • We offer reasonable prices and are clear enough in the payment agreement.
      • We provide full-time customer support through all the proposed communication channels.
      The sustainability of our trustworthy services falls on the shoulders of our experienced faculty members, who pursue excellence and endeavor to provide the customer with the piece of work that is perfect and proficient by all means. All our writers, researchers, editors, and proofreaders qualify for the interview and then a test, to become part of our team. Our prerequisite criteria for the recruitment of writing and editing experts involve a highly-qualified background. Further, their degree should be associated with a well-reputed institution. Moreover, our professionals are native English Speakers. All of them possess a vast experience in the field of writing and have great exposure to the domain of academics. In addition, each of our professionals signs a non-disclosure agreement to contribute to the reliability of our services. British Top Consultants never compromise on the quality of work because we believe in making long-term relations with our customers.
      This is the Secret to Our Success.

      What Comes in Our Exclusive Offers?

      Our services include complete assistance with all sorts of academic assignments. Whether it’s a critical synopsis of reflective analysis, our services are here to benefit you in the same way. Following are some of the exclusive offers of British Top Consultants which you can avail of hiring our assignment services.

      Special Discounts

      We have multiple discount offers for the students as we know that they have a limited budget. Also, the new customers can get early-bird discounts on their registration and first order with British Top Consultants. Much more is waiting for you!


      Partial Payments

      We take the payment in advance to avoid scams but we also understand your financial concerns. So, we have partial payment methods to make our services more feasible for you. You may know the details by contacting our customer support.


      Cheap Prices

      We don’t want to put a burden on your pockets therefore, we offer you cheap and easily affordable prices. We do not charge much but only what our services are worthy of. We assure you the best outcome for what you pay.


      Free Revisions

      We make sure that the orders we deliver are 100% in accordance with the customers’ expectations. Still, if there are any further concerns, you can get here multiple free revisions on the work done by our professionals.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our team of experts is composed of highly-qualified profiles. Most of them have previously worked with well-reputed academic assistance companies and many of them have also been lecturers and professors. They know how to deal with different sorts of assignments. Further, they have a firm grip on all ins and outs of assignment editing and proofreading. Hence, all of our professionals are well-experienced and well-equipped with in-depth knowledge of the domain.
      We have a strict privacy policy so that we can assure confidentiality to our clients. We don’t share your information or manuscripts with others. We have a trusted team that adds to our credibility. Moreover, our website is SSL certified so there are no chances of a data breach. Further, we use order codes for our customer data protection. Hence, you’re completely safe here.
      Once your assignment editing and proofreading are done, we deliver your order through email. You can find your assignment in the form of an attachment. Also, we upload the document on your GTR portal too, which you can easily download. In case of any issue in accessing or downloading the files, you can consult with our customer support team anytime.

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      Charlie Goose Assignment Support

      I am so happy with the assignment consultancy the British Top Consultants have provided me. Their customer support team is so considerate and cooperative. They gave the finest solutions to my assignment concerns.

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      Jacklyn Hooper Assignment Proofreading

      I didn’t have any idea that there can be so many minor errors in my self-prepared draft. It would be a big mistake if I would’ve submitted my assignment without having their proofreading services. They did it so well. Much Appreciable!

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      Benz Moseley Assignment Assistance

      Thanks a lot for assisting me in my psychology assignment. I was unable to understand my assignment topic due to which my manuscript had many flaws. They helped me in submitting a well-researched and well-edited draft.

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